Everything is on fire. This is fine.


I’ve been hitting some dead ends with my MEL scripting, after initially encouraging results I quickly hit a wall as none of my code from around chapter 6 onward would not run.

My first thought was “Well that’s not an uncommon occurrence for a beginner so maybe I’m just rubbish.” But after looking for online help I discovered others had similar experiences with this book and it turns out it’s not me, the code in the book just doesn’t run. I’m not giving up though, I’ve ordered Complete Maya Programming in an effort to continue learning.

Unlocking Potential

After the interruptions from the snow, the Stand Out From the Crowd course finally came to a conclusion (except for an essay I still have to start). I hastily presented myself and some of my work to a panel of volunteers from local businesses. I didn’t plan ahead very well and ended up bungling through the show, but I still got some excellent feedback. Note to self; make sure you’ve always got an elevator pitch on hand in the future.

Computer Problems

I’ve been held up a bit for the last two weeks, as ongoing computer instabilities have finally come to a crescendo of BSODs accompanied by mysterious error codes like IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.

I’ve stripped the entire system, tested each component, reinstalled Windows, even tried switching to Linux and come to the conclusion that the computer is, in fact, haunted. No individual part reports errors under even the most rigorous testing, there’s just a gremlin in there somewhere shutting me down.


I intended to write this post last weekend but I got carried away trying to make my computer, you know, work.

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