Snow, Photogrammetry

It started snowing last Wednesday and didn’t stop until Friday, which has delayed my Unlocking Potential Course. In the meantime, I’ve been trying my hand at Photogrammetry (A technique for building 3d meshes and textures from a series of photographs) using the free trial of 3DF Zephyr from 3DFlow.

This is my first successful photogrammetric model, a small owl sculpture I whittled with a knife one afternoon from a scrap of basswood.

It’s a composite of 50 photographs, the limit for the trial version. You may notice a green tinge, which is a reflection from a piece of greenscreen fabric I used as a high contrast background, but I don’t think it was necessary in the end.

And here is an earlier attempt, which went horribly wrong due to poor lighting and rushed camera handling, so it still takes some effort and knowledge of basic photographic technique.

My overall impression of Zephyr is very good. I found it easy to use even though I skipped the essential step of RTFM. The trial imposes some limits but I didn’t encounter a problem with them, and it exports .OBJ and .JPEG files which can be opened in other 3D software packages for editing. I was even able to upload directly to Sketchfab using my API Token.

10/10 Would Owl Again.

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